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Wairarapa College is the largest secondary school in the Wairarapa. Located at 83 Pownall St, Masterton, Wairarapa College provides a dynamic learning environment blending tradition with innovation to assist each student in realising their full potential.

Set in spacious and beautiful grounds, the College contains a mixture of old and new buildings, presenting an attractive learning environment for students.

We invite you to explore the site and discover the many unique benefits of Waicol life, and we hope you will want to visit us in person. We look forward to hearing from you...

2016 Stationery List

Workbooks are available exclusively at Warehouse Stationery in Masterton.
You can download the Year 9 stationery list here.
You can download the Year 10 stationery list here.
You can download the Year 11 stationery list here.
You can download the Year 12 stationery list here.
You can download the Year 13 stationery list here.

Message from the Leadership Team of Wairarapa College


Wairarapa College lies at the heart of a district with many resources. It is a great place to live. It is rich in its history, people and environment. Wairarapa College clearly offers a co-educational education of quality to its community, with resources that few other schools anywhere can match. Its facilities include an outstanding hall, gym, hostel, farms and a wide range of other buildings, some with history for sure. The hostel serves a unique purpose, enabling all state school families to have a boarding option. And the sporting, cultural, academic and performance outcomes of the school are high.

The nearly 1000 students here, with roll growth for 2016 predicting more, are outstanding young people. Parents are placing their children in to a good environment. This school, with its size and facilities, offers great opportunities to get involved in teams and groups and can offer a range of staffed subjects in specialist areas that few others can.

The school is at an age when reinvestment in facilities and some curriculum thinking needed to be done. This is well under way. 2016 will see a different, reshaped and refinanced school emerge. It will be one appropriate for today’s age. Communities need to step forward and back their schools and that is what this community is doing. Wairarapa College is a great asset for the district, with great potential for the future. And it will achieve that potential, with everyone’s support.

So what has been done recently? The curriculum has been trimmed just a little and had balance brought back in to it, so that we can retain all the enriching options like the arts, music, performance, the technologies, some languages and all the other essential areas of the NZ curriculum. An analysis shows that in the senior school there are still some 33 options on offer, an incredibly wide curriculum package for any school. There are many both academic and vocational courses on offer, leading directly to employment or further training. We have aligned courses more with the 6 vocational pathways for students, to give relevance to our curriculum- making sure it leads to jobs. We have sought further qualification opportunities for our students so they can prove what they can do by a detailed record of learning.

The school has moved further towards being an ICT rich environment. We have just purchased 100 computers and all suites and many other curriculum areas will be upgraded with this technology. We have joined an eSchool, an online cluster of 21 schools so that we can offer an online curriculum to supplement and broaden our existing curriculum. Suddenly we have a huge new range of subjects to offer, like: German, Chinese, Spanish, 3D animation, web design and so much more. Personal devices are welcomed in to an environment where there will be more use of ICTs in teaching and learning- well supported by the WiFi we have throughout the school.

With the key and overdue resourcing of upgrades to property and physical resources, we have just had the news that approximately $45,000 worth of key improvements to things like the pool and turf fencing, the gym ceiling, power pole upgrades, tree maintenance and work on school security systems will be done in the coming months. The major roof repair work required has now been scoped at $1 million dollars and will commence in February. Stage 1 of the master plan work for the site redevelopment, worth an estimated $8 million, is close to approval. This is far more progress than we have had in recent years. The MOE is aware of this need for reinvestment and it is starting to take shape.

It is a wonderful mix of sport, performance, academic, cultural and agricultural aspects that make up this school. Wairarapa College is lucky that excellent students choose to attend this school. The highest achievers here emerge from what is on average, a great group of students. And they have been nurtured through their years here by a caring group of teachers who are passionate about their school.

We recommend Wairarapa College to you. It is a great place and this community has a treasure in its midst that will thrive with everyone’s support and provide a positive future for many more generations to come.


College Catch up Magazine

Due to an increase in other committments I will no longer be able to write and publish any further editions of the Wairarapa College Old Students College Catch Up magazine. [read more]

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