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Wairarapa College is the largest secondary school in the Wairarapa. Located at 83 Pownall St, Masterton, Wairarapa College provides a dynamic learning environment blending tradition with innovation to assist each student in realising their full potential.

Set in spacious and beautiful grounds, the College contains a mixture of old and new buildings, presenting an attractive learning environment for students.

We invite you to explore the site and discover the many unique benefits of Waicol life, and we hope you will want to visit us in person. We look forward to hearing from you...

Behaviour Management Initiative (PB4L)

After a great deal of consultation with students and staff, we have decided on our 3-5 expectations word that will become the branding for PB4L and the ‘way it is done around here.'
This word was presented to students last week by Harriet O’Hara, Gus Wakeling and Marcus Ale. The students will now look at each word in more detail and determine what it means to them.
This will eventually be displayed in each classroom and in their school log book.

Over time, it will be part of our documentation, signage and part of our communication with students.
We are looking for creative and innovative students who can portray this word in a range of different ways, to put around the school.

Currently we are calling for nominations from students to form a forum group to help and support our current PB4L student leaders. These students will be part of the team to help implement the expected behaviours around school.

The staff PB4L team and Harriet and Gus attended our final training session with the Ministry of Education on Tuesday 21 September. As a 3-5 year project, we are excited about how this will have an impact on the atmosphere at Wairarapa College.

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Waicol News

Cricket Coaches Required

Wairarapa College require cricket coaches for the Junior, 2nd XI and 1st XI teams.

Contact the office for more infomation: office@waicol.co.nz

Uniform Shop Hours

Open Monday /Wednesday / Friday 3.00 - 5.00 pm ()

Tuesday and Thursday 12.30 - 2.00 pm






Message from the Board Chair


The year has started to settle down into the normal routine with the regular Term One events such as Prefects Camp and Athletics.

Several of these events are based on the House Competition. Every student is allocated a house for the whole of their Wairarapa College life, and hopefully they are proud to be part of this aspect  of the college. I would ask that all parents and caregivers support their students in the house activity by offering active encouragement and interest

From the BOT perspective, we will be able to lock down our starting budget and staffing following our student roll return on March 1st. I would reiterate that finances are very tight and so we will be watching the budget very closely and actively managing it during the year.

I am aware that it is taking an extra-ordinary length of time but we are still confident of a major announcement on the property master plan Stage One soon.

In closing, I would ask that everyone (students and the support crew) get into full focus as soon as possible. A slow start will cause issues later in the year.

As always, please let us know if you have any comments, concerns or even praise via our BOT email: bot@waicol.co.nz

Our latest ERO report can be found here

Geoff Copps,


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