In 2018 Wairarapa College will be introducing an Academic Mentoring programme called ‘Kaiarahi Akoranga’ (Kaiarahi = guide/mentor, Akoranga = academic, lesson, learning focus).

Kaiarahi Akoranga has evolved from a desire to improve our results and to get to know our students better, in regard to their academic goals, interests, strengths and weaknesses. Kaiarahi Akoranga invites and encourages whānau to be an integral part of the process, building connections between the school and their families, with the student’s learning at the centre of all conversations.

Twice a year Whanau meetings will be held. Parents will be encouraged to book time to for them and their students to meet with the Ako teacher on this day.

2018 Whanau Meetings:February 20th and July 31st

The Ako teacher is the first point of contact regarding your student’s learning.

Each student will be put in a LEAD group and conversations will centre around our LEAD values. Each LEAD group will have an Ako teacher who will meet with them to discuss their learning. Ako time will occur every ten days for 45 minutes.

Academic Mentoring is a new, exciting programme that puts students at the centre of their learning. It is a three-way connection between whānau, students and the school. For it to be the most effective, we all need to invest in improving the learning of each and every student. As a staff, we are working very hard to make this programme a valuable part of what we do at Wairarapa College to support your son or daughter. We look forward to your support and to working with you.

Jo-Anne Bisset

Assistant Principal