Cross Country 2022

Students took on the challenge to represent their house and to beat their mates. Congratulations to the following students:

U14 G:

1st – Brooke Miller MAU

2nd – Charlotte Bunny REM

3rd – Sienna Mann AOR


U14 B:

1st – Rhett Dornan TAR

2nd – Rory Faulkner RAN

3rd – Alex Swanson PUK


U16 G:

1st – Lisa Ford TAR

2nd – Aimee Ford TAR

3rd – Jaida Wallis AOR

U16 B:

1st – Zach Anstis AOR

2nd – Ethan Davidson MAU

3rd – Ben McCarthy REM


U19 G:

1st – Millie Higinbottom MAU

2nd – Hannah Donald RAN

3rd – Anna O’Connor REM


U19 B:

1st – William Larkin TAR

2nd – Alex Clark PUK

3rd – Max Falloon AOR

House Results:

  1. TAR 359
  2. RAN 357
  3. AOR 283
  4. MAU 277
  5. PUK 258
  6. REM 235

Congratulations also to the all the students who competed at the Intercollegiate Cross Country yesterday.

Great results:

Brooke Miller – 1st Y9 Girls

Ethan Davidson – 1st U16 Boys

William Larkin – 1st U19 Boys

Rory Faulkner – 2nd Y9 Boys

Rhett Dornan – 4th Y9 Boys

Noah Fisher – 4th U16 Boys

Charlotte Bunny – 4th Y9 Girls

Josh Taylor – 1st AWD





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