The Wairarapa College year (like all secondary schools in New Zealand) is divided into four terms:

2020 Term Dates

Term TwoWednesday April 15thFriday July 3rd
 Queen’s Birthday Monday June 1st 
Term ThreeMonday July 20thFriday September 25th
Term FourMonday October 12thFriday December 4th
 Labour Day Monday October 26thTeacher Only Day Tuesday November 17th


Bell times and Daily Timetable

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayTuesday Assembly/Ako
StartFinish  StartFinish 
8.409.35Period 1 8.409.30Period 1
9.359.55Group Time 9.3010.15Assembly/Ako
9.5510.50Period 2 10.1511.05Period 2
10.5011.15Interval 11.0511.30Interval
11.1512.10Period 3 11.3012.25Period 3
12.101.05Period 4 12.251.20Period 4
1.051.55Lunch 1.202.10Lunch
1.552.10SSR 2.103.05Period 5
2.103.05Period 5    
Wednesday Professional Development
8.40am9.35amPeriod 1
9.35am9.55amGroup Time
9.55am10.50amPeriod 2
11.15am12.10pmPeriod 3
12.10pm1.05pmPeriod 4
1.40pm2.25pmPeriod 5


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