The Wairarapa College year (like all secondary schools in New Zealand) is divided into four terms:

2019 Term Dates

Term TwoMonday April 29thFriday July 5th 
 Queen’s Birthday Monday June 3rdTeacher Only Day  Tuesday June 4th)
Term ThreeTuesday July 23rdFriday September 27th
 Teacher Only Day Monday July 22nd 
Term FourMonday October 14thFriday December 6th


Bell times and Daily Timetable

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, FridayAssembly Day Tuesday
8.409.35Period 18.409.30Period 1
9.359.55Group time9.3010.15Assembly
9.5510.50Period 210.1511.05Period 2
11.1512.10Period 311.3012.25Period 3
12.101.05Period 412.251.20Period 4
1.552.10SSR2.103.05Period 5
2.103.05Period 5


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