After a successful trial of Digital Learning Core Classes, we are now encouraging all Year 9 and 10 students coming to Wairarapa College to bring a digital device with them in 2021.

The presence of 1:1 devices will allow students to engage in a wider range of learning approaches such as inquiry learning, thematic learning and flipped learning, alongside the usual curriculum skills and competencies.

Senior students are also encouraged to bring a device for use in their learning.

The advantages of student owned devices


Parents BYOD Open Evenings

We are planning on holding a couple information evenings in late Term 3 and early Term 4 where we will hopefully have suppliers come in with some devices to look at. The dates for these open evenings are:

Monday 14 September at 6.30 – 7.30pm
Thursday 12 November at 6.30 – 7.30pm


Minimum Specifications for Devices

  • Have processor of at least 2.2GHZ or Intel Core i3 minimum or AMD equivalent
  • Be internet capable and able to access the school’s wireless network (Wireless 802.11n/ac)
  • Have a minimum of 4GB Ram. 8GB will improve performance
  • Have a readable screen, minimum of 11”. Touch Screen and stylus pen highly recommended
  • Have a keyboard
  • Have an audio-out port and ear buds or headphones
  • Have a good battery life (more than 6 hours)
  • Have sufficient storage space to store documents and apps (128 GB+ SSD minimum)
  • Have a USB port
  • Runs Microsoft Windows 10 or Apple MacOS as its operating system
  • Be lightweight enough that it can be carried easily
  • Having an Antivirus installed is highly recommended

If you already have a Chromebook this will be fine for Year 9 and 10.
If you need to purchase a device, a Windows-based device is strongly recommended.

Recommended devices for Wairarapa College 2021

2020 Whanau BYOD evenings