After a successful trial of Digital Learning Core Classes, we are now encouraging all Year 9 and 10 students coming to Wairarapa College to bring a digital device with them in 2021.

The presence of 1:1 devices will allow students to engage in a wider range of learning approaches such as inquiry learning, thematic learning and flipped learning, alongside the usual curriculum skills and competencies.

Senior students are also encouraged to bring a device for use in their learning.

The advantages of student owned devices



Minimum Specifications for Devices

  • Have processor of at least 2.2GHZ or Intel Core i3 minimum or AMD equivalent
  • Be internet capable and able to access the school’s wireless network (Wireless 802.11n/ac)
  • Have a minimum of 4GB Ram. 8GB will improve performance
  • Have a readable screen, minimum of 11”. Touch Screen and stylus pen highly recommended
  • Have a keyboard
  • Have an audio-out port and ear buds or headphones
  • Have a good battery life (more than 6 hours)
  • Have sufficient storage space to store documents and apps (128 GB+ SSD minimum)
  • Have a USB port
  • Runs Microsoft Windows 10 or Apple MacOS as its operating system
  • Be lightweight enough that it can be carried easily
  • Having an Antivirus installed is highly recommended

If you already have a Chromebook this will be fine for Year 9 and 10.
If you need to purchase a device, a Windows-based device is strongly recommended.

We are a Microsoft 365 school, using the Microsoft Apps in student learning. This glossary gives an overview of the different sorts of Apps that may be used by your child. They are all provided free of charge and will be downloaded onto Windows devices upon arrival at school.

Below is a handful of suppliers with devices that meet these specifications

IT Company NZ | Managed IT Services & IT Support NZ | Cyclone

Cyclone:  (Online)
Login: wairarapacollege
Password: wcbyod | Computer Parts, Laptops, Tablets, Monitors, Mobile Phones &  More -

PBTech: PBTech Website Online and instore (Wellington)

Noel Leeming | Ormiston Town Centre

Noel Leeming also has suitable BYOD packages available. Their BYOD flyers are produced periodically.
Online and instore (Masterton)