Facility Hire terms & conditions

Hirer –refers to the person named as the hirer in the Hire Application Sheet
The Board – refers to Wairarapa College Board of Trustees – the colleges governing body
Attendee- includes but is not limited to; agents, employees and invitees of the hirer
Damage- refers to harm causing loss of usefulness or value not considered to be wear & tear
Manager- the Boards appointed delegate to oversee hireage
Facility– this refers to the Wairarapa College Hall incorporating: foyer, kitchen, toilets, mezzanine, main stage and main hall seating areas.

These conditions apply to the use of the facilities at Wairarapa College. The College is controlled by the Board of Trustees of Wairarapa College.
All hirers must leave the property as it is found and the following rules must be adhered to at all times: –



a. Dates may be penciled in, but bookings must be confirmed not less than one month before the date required.
b. A deposit will be required to confirm the booking and is non-refundable but will be deducted from the booking cost.
c. A refundable bond of $500 is required prior to hire



a. The total costs of hireage (less any deposit already paid) are payable within 7 days of the date of the invoice. Failure to do so may result in the board charging penalty interest and collection costs.
b. All costs are exclusive of GST


The Board reserves the right to apply the following cancellation policy to any confirmed booking:

a. Cancellations should be advised as soon as possible.
b. Less than one (1) working days notice of cancellation will incur a charge for the full amount of the hireage quoted.
c. Less than two (2) working days notice of cancellation will incur a charge for 50% of the hireage quoted.
d. Less than five (5) but more than two (2) working days notice of cancellation will incur a charge of 25% of the hireage quoted.



a. Hirers will be responsible for all preparation, and dismantling of the facilities in respect of their usage, unless otherwise arranged, including the setting out or removal of seating and the covering or opening of the Orchestra Pit. The venue must be left as it was, unless otherwise stated.
b. The Board reserves the right to charge a fee for any assistance given by school staff or any other such designated person in respect of preparation and dismantling. If requested, the college will either set out or remove loose seating for a cost of $100.



a. The rooms, kitchen and toilet facilities must be left in a clean and tidy condition, including running the dishwasher wash cycle when applicable. The manager will explain the availability of cleaning equipment required.
b. No nails, tacks, adhesive tape, or any fixing are to be used on any of the walls.
c. Take all reasonable precautions to prevent damage or loss
d. All damage must be reported to the Board through the Manager as soon as practicable. The hirer shall be liable for any damage, unless fault is otherwise proven.
e. The Board reserves the right to charge a fee for extra cleaning required if the room(s) are left in a dirty condition and the fee will be based on labour charges and materials involved.
f. No chewing gum is to be consumed within any part of the building complex
g. The venue’s equipment, fixtures, fittings heating and ventilation systems are only to be used for there intended purpose.
h. Litter must be placed in the appropriate rubbish receptacle



a. The hirer shall not sub-let.



a. If the alarm is activated during the period of hire and results in a callout to our security firm or the fire brigade, the callout fee may be charged to the users responsible.
b. The hirer must ensure that all attendees are aware of the evacuation procedures.
c. All facilities must be left secured, with all lights, heaters and taps turned off failing to do this, may result in an additional charge.



a. a. The Manager shall have access at all times during a hire period.
b. The Board reserves the right to refuse any application for hire by an individual or organization without assigning a reason
c. The Hirer shall not have any right of claim against the Board for any interference or cancellation of any booking which is caused by civil disturbance, industrial action, Act of God or any circumstances beyond the control of the Board. If the venue is unavailable to you for any of these reasons, the Board will refund any deposit paid.
d. The Hirer shall not breach any copyright performance rights in connection with any musical, literary or dramatic work being performed and agrees to indemnify the Board against any claims or expenses in respect of any such breaches.



The Board shall have the right to determine the priority of booking requests.



A variety of resources are available for hire, refer to separate list of equipment hire. Certain items will only be hired with college personnel for operation. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that any equipment used complies with the requirements of the Health and Safety Employment Act.



There is a full kitchen area with 2 stoves, fridge and freezer, microwave, hot water boiling unit and dishwasher. Crockery, utensils, and provision of all other kitchen appliances and equipment that may be required, are the responsibility of the hirer.



a. Wairarapa College does not provide any catering.
b. Alcohol may only be served after obtaining both the prior consent of the Board and the correct licences. All licences must be displayed according to licence regulations.



a. No food or drink at all is to be consumed in this area



a. The air conditioning controls may only be altered by the Manager.



a. The Board accepts no liability or responsibility for death or illness, injury or accident to or financial loss by any person, as a result of this venues hire agreement.
b. The Board agrees to take responsibility for public liability insurance and building and contents insurance for all school equipment. The hirer must be responsible for all other items.
c. The hirer indemnifies the board (and the board’s employees or agents) against all claims, demands, losses, damages, costs and expenses arising from the use or hire of the venue or any breach of any of these terms or conditions.



a. Hirers are required to read the Fire and Evacuation Procedure and signs displayed at the exits. The hirer must ensure that all attendees are aware of the evacuation procedures.
b. Hirers are responsible for ensuring that all Fire Precautions and Safety requirements are complied with, including:

i. visibility of exit signs
ii. clearance of emergency exits at all times
iii. clearance of all thoroughfares at all times

c. Maximum audience occupancy for the hall not to exceed 1200, a safety officer must be engaged when occupancy exceeds 450. The Hirer will be liable for any fines or costs if this number is exceeded.
d. The hirer is to comply with all provisions of all statutes, regulations, ordinances and bylaws affecting the hall or any activity carried on therein.
e. The following are not permitted on College premises:

i. animals
ii. flammable material
iii. explosive material



a. Notwithstanding any other provision contained in these terms and conditions, the board may refuse admission to any attendee or require any attendee to leave the venue at the sole discretion of any Board member or Wairarapa College staff member if that member reasonably believes that any person:

I. Is affected by drugs or alcohol: or
II. Is behaving in an indecent or disorderly manner: or
III. Wilfully damages or destroys any part of the venue: or
IV. Is a risk to him or herself, to the safety of others, the safety of the venue or any property within the venue: or
V. Fails or refuses to comply with any reasonable request of a board member or a Wairarapa College staff member.



a. The venue will be opened at the commencement of the hire period. Any faults of any description within the venue must be referred to the Manager.
b. Keys must be collected from the Manager during school hours (8am to 5pm Monday to Friday) and returned at the completion the hireage. Loss of any or all of the keys will result in all locks to and inside the facility being changed at the cost in all things of the hirer.
c. Wairarapa College is a smoke free area. This includes all immediate surroundings
d. Furniture or equipment must not be moved between rooms.
e. Hirers must comply with any request made by the manager at any time in regard to the control of the use of the rooms or the conduct of any person.
f. The Hirer must appoint a person to be responsible for making themselves familiar with all light switches, doors, procedures and facilities at least three days prior to the date of hire. This person must meet with the Manager to inspect and become familiar with the facility. He or she will be responsible for ensuring that all people associated with the hire are familiar with the operation of the facilities to ensure smooth operation and adequate security at all times. If there any special instructions or requests these can be given at this time. No keys will be handed over unless this meeting has taken place.
g. The Hirer shall only use the part of the facility that has been hired and paid for, and for the time specified.
h. The hirer is responsible for any costs, losses or expenses the Board incurs due to any breach or non observance of these Terms and Conditions.