Wairarapa College Hall

General Information

Wairarapa College is located in Masterton in the Wairarapa region.  The front entrance of the College is situated at 83 Pownall St with access available also from Renall and Cornwall Streets.

Travel times are:

Masterton Railway Station10 mins
Wellington Ferry Terminal1 hour 30 mins
Wellington Airport1 hour 40 mins
Palmerston North Airport1 hour 30 mins
Trust House Masterton Air Terminal10 mins


The entire school grounds are smoke free.

Contact Details

Wairarapa College, 83 Pownall St, P O Box 463, Masterton
Telephone (06) 370 0400 Ext 788, Fax (06) 370 0401. Email: [email protected]

General Features


  • 385 fixed seating in the Mezzanine Level
  • 815 moveable seats in main body of hall
  • Total seat capacity 1200
  • Wheelchair access to ground floor only

Orchestra Pit

  • This is situated in the centre front of the main hall directly in front of the stage and may be covered or left open.
  • It is carpeted and has 12 power sockets.

Hearing Aid Loop

  • The rear right seating area of the main floor has been installed with an Induction Loop System; this area can be identified by hearing symbol signs. Patrons can tune to the signal by setting their hearing aid to the “T” position.

Air Conditioning

  • Both heating and cooling may be regulated from within the building.

Kitchen Facilities

  • Large catering kitchen is available and includes 2 ovens, 2 extractor fans, 1 dishwasher, 1 upright fridge, 1 upright freezer and 1 microwave. Also included is a moveable stainless steel caterers table for food preparation.

Stage Access

  • The stage area can be entered directly from outside through a side door that has ramp and truck access for the moving of heavy equipment.
  • A lift located at the rear of the stage provides wheelchair access to the entire performance area.
  • The stage has very spacious wing areas.

Seating Storage

  • All moveable seating for the ground floor may be stored away completely in purpose built rooms.

Foyer Area

  • The foyer area has been left largely vacant to allow for individual requirements.


Performance Space:  9.4m deep x 12m wide (this is from edge of leg curtain on one side of the stage to the edge on the other side).

Proscenium Arch opening:  11.5m wide x 4.75m high

Height of Grid:  4.8m

The stage area also has spacious wing allowances

Orchestra Pit

3.52m x 8m

0.75m deep

Equipment & Technical Details


  • House Curtain is Velvet Royal Blue and is power operated only (note no manual operation as the automatic closure of the curtain is part of the fire safety plan).
  • Leg curtains and the rear traveller curtain are black and manually operated.
  • Cyclorama is a plastered white wall.


The standard rig includes the following equipment:

  • 1 x Theatrelight Cuemaster 48 Channel DMX control desk
  • 4 x Theatrelight Powerpack 12 DMX dimmer rack (total of 48×2.4kw channels)
  • 4 x Selecon Hui Cyc 3 batten
  • 12 x Strand Pallas Groundrow
  • 8 x Selecon Rama PC (High Performance)
  • 8 x Selecon Rama Fresnel
  • 8 x Selecon pacific 12 degree – 28 degree Zoomspot
  • 10 x PAR64 Black
  • Dimmable florescent houselights able to be operated from the rear of the auditorium. The Stage Manager’s panel and the control booth.
  • DMX input/output locations a various location around the building, connected by an ENTTEC DMX splitter.

Lighting Positions

  • 4 FOH Perches accessible through the ceiling space (16 circuits in total)
  • 2 FOH side booms either side of the auditorium with boom arms (4 circuits each)
  • Lighting grid above the stage (24 circuits)
  • Rigging points above the auditorium for extra rigging.

Sound System

The installed sound system is suitable for both speech reinforcement and moderate music amplification.

  • 1 x Soundcraft GB4 24 mono + 2 stereo channel mixer
  • 1 x Lexicon MX-300 Effects Processor
  • 1 x BSS London BLU-16 Signal Processing Unit
  • 4 x Crown CT Series amplifiers
  • 24 sends and 6 returns from stage/orchestra pit to mixing position.
  • Mixing can be done in centre of the auditorium or in the control booth.

Extra Equipment Hire

The following extra facilities may be available though prior arrangements need to be made as these are also functioning classrooms.

2 x Dressing Rooms with mirrors                   –                       $40 each

Small Auditorium for warm-ups                    –                       $60

Classrooms areas                                            –                       $15 per hour

Permanently mounted VMAX2 Plus4

Series screen front projection 520cm wide

x 290cm drop.  It is a 16.9 format

(suitable for both presentations and movies)  –                       $75

Other Considerations
  • All moveable seating within the main hall is to be left as it was at the start of your hire period; i.e. seating to be either returned or stored away.
  • If you wish to serve alcohol appropriate licences will need to be obtained, our custodian is available to assist.