Frequently Asked Boarding Questions

Are weekends an option?
Weekends are an option dependent on numbers, weekends tend to be the most fun because structure is relaxed and great activities are planned.
From 2020 Pōto College House will operate on a 5 ½ day week. Students who are needing to stay for the full weekend will be catered for through homestays. This includes students from out of town and international students.

Are there compulsory weekends in?
Compulsory weekends will not be required, although there is likely to be compulsory Friday night ‘ins’ for bonding and competitions, for example, the traditional year group haka competition and family barbecue.

What are the costs for boarding?
Please contact the office for more information on pricing options available or look on the website.

Does Pōto College House have a Facebook Page?
Yes! Search “Wairarapa College House” on Facebook to find us. We post photos and notices up on the page to show the world what we get up to here at Pōto College House.