Pastoral care

Kia atawhai ki te iwi
Care for the people

Vertical Whānau Class

All students at Wairarapa College are placed in a Vertical Whānau Class. This Whānau class is made up of a mixture of students from all year levels. Students will remain with this class for their time at the college. The aim of the Whānau Class is to:

  • Enable the Whānau Teacher to provide ongoing pastoral care to a group of students.
  • Each group class is aligned with a House.  As this Whānau class is frequently together it ignites the house spirit.  Each house has a House Dean attached.
  • Provide a forum for senior students to develop their leadership, peer support and peer tutoring roles by assisting younger students.
  • Provide a basis for extracurricular inter-house activities.
  • A group class called Whātonga is also in place.  More details from HOD Māori Huria Robens.
  • A gifted and talented group class.


School Houses

Each Vertical Whānau class is attached to a house: Rangitumau, Maungarake, Tararua, Remutaka, Puketoi or Aorangi. Throughout the year, there is a range of inter-house competitions including Athletic / Swimming Sports, Cross Country, House Singing, Tug of War, and General Knowledge.  These events are organised by the House teacher leader and student house leaders.


The school has a Careers Advisor available to give advice to students. This encourages all students and families to utilise the facilities and personnel in the college to make informed decisions about future subject choices, further training or tertiary educational opportunities.


Youth Health Provider

If your child becomes ill during the school day, they can see our Youth Health Provider who is a registered nurse. If your child is ill and needs to go home, they will contact you so that they can be collected.  Please make sure that your contact details are accurate. It is important that all medical details are disclosed to the school, so that we can manage your child’s condition appropriately.

For Parents and Whānau, the first point of contact about any general concerns or questions to do with your child’s progress should be the Whānau teacher.


  • Rise above challenges
  • Use your time wisely
  • Be motivated to reach your potential


  • Take pride in yourself and your school
  • Be proud of your achievements
  • Honour your commitments


  • Contribute positively and be inclusive
  • Be polite and treat others equally
  • Take responsibility for your actions


  • Have the courage to succeed
  • Make the most of your opportunities
  • Aim high