Pastoral Care at WaiCol (PB4L)

We have a strong system of support for our students at Waicol:

All students have a GROUP TEACHER who is responsible for overseeing their progress and helping them with any problems.

The GROUP class,  like a family,  have students from Years 9 – 13. This allows for our younger students to be mentored and looked after by the older students.

All year levels are looked after by a DEAN. At Years 9 and 10 there are two Deans per level to provide extra support for our students to transition and settle into school and to help them prepare for the challenges of their senior years.

Each year level is overseen by an Assistant or Deputy Principal who works with the Deans to ensure that students are settled, supported and successful.

In addition to this students have access to a trained and qualified Guidance Counsellor to help them deal with any problems or concerns that require more specialised support.

For Parents and Whānau, the first point of contact about any general concerns or questions to do with your child’s progress should be the Group teacher.


LEADership on how to behave

The journey began at the end of 2012 when staff voted to be a part of PB4L (80% agreement is needed by the school to allow it to enter the programme) and the Team Leader is Mr Southey, Coach (Deputy Principal Pam Redpath), team members and student leaders. Throughout 2013 the PB4L team travelled to Wellington to attend training days with eight other schools from the Wellington region.

Wairarapa College is well on its way down the three-year road of implementing Positive Behaviour for Learning School-Wide. Positive Behaviour for Learning School-Wide (PB4L SW) is a Ministry of Education funded initiative that involves schools all over New Zealand. It is based on the premise that positive behaviour can be learned and difficult and disruptive behaviour can be unlearned. Wairarapa College applied to be part of PB4L because of the main outcome of the process which is improved academic outcomes.

From there the consultation moved into the college’s group classes where students discussed and voted on values which they felt were important to the school. Staff did the same. They also voted on how these values should be portrayed throughout the school community and the acronym LEAD was the result: Learn with Purpose, Engage with Pride, Act with Respect and Dare to Succeed. Students in the PB4L Focus Group worked on the words and sentences that are now in the log book and displayed in classrooms around the college.

At the end of 2016 the College passed its external PB4L evaluation and became eligible to enter Tier 2 of the PB4L framework.  Below is the LEAD acronym that was developed from students and fine tuned by the student PB4L team.



  • Rise above challenges
  • Use your time wisely
  • Be motivated to reach your potential

  • Take pride in yourself and your school
  • Be proud of your achievements
  • Honour your commitments

  • Contribute positively and be inclusive
  • Be polite and treat others equally
  • Take responsibility for your actions

  • Have the courage to succeed
  • Make the most of your opportunities
  • Aim high