Boarding at Pōto-College House

Boarding at Pōto-College House

Boarding at Pōto-College House

 Welcome to Pōto College House.

We have a very rich history of boarding, with the Hostel first opening to boys in 1925. Since then we have seen the girls House combine from Purnell to create the co-educational structure that it is now. Boarding is an amazing experience for all students, and we strive to make it structural, fun and educational. Hostel life is filled with exciting activities with fellow boarders, and a strong emphasis on prep time in the evenings.

College House is made up of Blackwood – Boys dormitory, Wellwood – Girls dormitory, Dining Room, Office, Common Spaces and sports facilities. Much construction is planned and underway for the future of Pōto College House.

Our students are led by a group of senior prefects each year to encourage personal responsibility and motivation – we believe this is key to building the students life skills and independence.

There are options for Boarding at Pōto College House – 7 day, 5 day and casual boarding. Casual rates are maximum 3 nights per week, 3 weeks per term unless arranged by management.

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College House Staff & Contacts

Hostel Fees Policy

Policy Statement

The payment of hostel fees is to be in advance, by automatic payment or payment in full.


An initial one off deposit equivalent to four weeks of hostel fees is to be paid prior to acceptance of admission in to the hostel.

Students withdrawn after acceptance of admission, and not giving the required ten weeks’ notice will forfeit the deposit.

The remaining fees may be paid either:

  1. By payment in full – total fees paid by 1st March. This method attracts a 2.5% discount.
  2. By weekly, fortnightly or monthly automatic payment instalments between February and October.



  1. An account will be sent in February or at admission, with statements each month.
  2. Parent/Caregivers are to supply an automatic payment authority to the Board Office by 15th February or on admission.
  3. A discount on total fees is available for: 2 students in hostel = 5%, 3 students in hostel = 10% and 4 students in hostel = 15%.
  4. Parent/Caregivers are liable for all costs incurred with debt collection for any unpaid accounts.
  5. Non-payment of fees may result in the student being removed from the hostel.
  6. Only selected Bursaries and Grants credited directly to the board (Government Boarding Bursary/Allowance) can be deducted once written documentation of eligibility is received.
  7. Withdrawal from the Hostel requires written notification of ten weeks. Failure to do so will incur a maximum ten-week hostel fee payment, in lieu of notice. Waiver of this fee is at the discretion of the Board, on written request from the debtor.


Reviewed: February 2017

Poto College House Policies
Frequently Asked Boarding Questions

Are weekends an option?
Yes. At this stage weekends are an option dependant on numbers. Weekends tend to be the most fun because structure is relaxed and great activities are planned.

Are there compulsory weekends in?
Yes. In 2017 there will be one compulsory weekend in per term which will allow for more friendships and relationships to be built between students and staff when things are most relaxed and fun.

What are the costs for boarding?
Please contact the office for more information on pricing options available.

Does Pōto-College House have a Facebook Page?
Yes! Search “Wairarapa College House” on Facebook to find us. We post photos and notices up on the page to show the world what we get up to here at College House.

Pōto-College House

Contact details:

Hostel Office: 06 370 0415
Hostel Cell Phone: 027 285 2320
Hostel Manager: 06 370 0416
Manager Cell Phone: 021 0268 0900