Welcome Wairarapa College Community

Today is the last day of Term ITerm II begins on Wednesday 15th April 2020.  The staff have been working hard to continue to build their digital expertise and knowledge. Many students have been working from this platform for a few years now, other students will not be so confident.  We will work together to ensure that everyone comes along on this new and exciting educational journey.

The first line of communication will be through a student’s school email.  From here the student will be invited to join a subject specific group in TEAMS.

This will be accessed through the Microsoft 365 platform through the school website – top ribbon titled Office 365 Portal as shown below:


Here students will find an app called TEAMS.


There will be subject specific TEAMS that students can access.

Each student will receive a school email with a link to a survey about internet and device capabilities.   It is important that this is completed BEFORE Wednesday 1st April, next week.

Hope you are taking care and looking after yourselves.  Here is a link to help with your child’s wellbeing:


There is a BIG bonus – you don’t need to wear school uniform.   😊

Pam Redpath

Acting Principal