Uniform and Grooming Update: To all staff, parents and students
I hope the term break is going well for you all.
As you are aware, the Board of Trustees has been reviewing the uniform and grooming expectations at Wairarapa College. This included surveying staff, parents and students about the changes. It was interesting how closely aligned many of the responses were. On Wednesday 23rd September the Board resolutions to effect the following new uniform options and grooming expectations.
The Board supports the introduction of:
an optional sun hat and beanie;
an optional lava lava/le faitaga;
feminine-cut trousers and/or culottes
(Some of these options may not be available in Term 4 but we would expect them to be available by Term 1)
The Board supports the rule change:
All uniform items may be worn through the year;
Students may wear a necklace under the shirt;
Any number of earrings per ear, maximum of two facial piercings. Only gold, silver, pearl or stone studs or sleepers (10mm max) permitted;
Jewellery must be removed or covered with tape before class if health and safety reasons apply to the class activity that period;
Students’ hair can be whatever color they wish;
Any visible tattoo requires a note of consent from a parent/guardian to the Dean
The option of having no uniform or grooming expectations was not considered and so I’d like to remind the school communities that maintaining high expectations for how students are presented within these rules will be continued. We look forward to your support in this.
Keep enjoying the break
Michele Whiting
Acting Principal