Expressions of interest for enrolling in WaiCol on Stage must be completed  by Friday August 27th.

This course is designed for those with a passion for Performing Arts. It is taught as a full year option and covers the disciplines of Dance, Drama, Music, Tikanga Maori and Performing Arts Technologies and leads to a Year 9 Production in Term Four. The course is performance based and students will have the opportunity for authentic learning through performance.

Learning will empower students to tell their stories through the Arts and uses the Arts to present ideas in a way to engage students in a creative and innovative classroom. The Performing Arts are a powerful way to build key competencies and 21st century learning skills. Students learn to be innovative, entrepreneurial and creative.

  • Drama: through team work, empathy and self confidence
  • Music: through listening and critical thinking, building brain function and collaboration.
  • Dance: through special, body awareness and fitness.

All subjects link to high levels of digital literacy. This will be a key element of the course.

Contact Head of Music [email protected] or Assistant Principal Jo Bisset [email protected] for more information.

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