Wairarapa College for e-Learning

With Wisdom and Courage Kia Mātau Kia Māia

Our teaching and learning philosophy includes:


  1. For students you will see learners who:
Where is ICT placed at Wairarapa College as part of a progressive and high performing school?

Wairarapa College e-Learninga. The education landscape at the school will build an environment of blended learning, where there is a rich mixture of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity with ICT used to enhance and support this learning. This is to build the student capacity to become positive global citizens and able to respond to a changing world.

b. Teachers and students will build on the range of opportunities available to investigate different teaching strategies using where appropriate Microsoft 365 applications, to further develop engagement and student outcomes.

c. Each student will be provided with a Student Advantage 365 Microsoft Office package, to support learning in a range of different forums and the ability from the Learning Management system to access learning 24/7.


Wairarapa College Optional Device Policy and Scheme

The Future
e-Learning at Wairarapa CollegeComputers and other devices are a valuable tool and an essential part of school studies which is why we provide a range of hardware devices and software to aid the educational process. Wairarapa College understands students can benefit from having access to their school work while at home or elsewhere. Portable devices, Wi-Fi and cloud technology are changing the way data is accessed and consequently how people work and collaborate.
Optional Device Operational requirements
Should students wish to connect their own devices to the school network some safeguards and requirements must be met.

  • All devices will be registered on the school’s wireless network
  • School technical staff will assist with the connection to the network only. Installation of applications and general maintenance will be the user’s responsibility
  • When selecting a device ensure it has suitable battery life for a full school day (up to six hours of use)
  • An antivirus/malware solution must be installed on laptops with current update subscriptions.
Optional Device Safety
  • The school strives to provide a safe environment for all personal possessions where students can hire lockers for the year for a small fee. The student is required to ensure the device is stored safely, used correctly, and is ultimately their responsibility.
  • All students and caregivers will be required to sign and agree to the conditions of the Digital Citizenship Agreement as a Wairarapa College Schools User.
  • If a student is thought to hold inappropriate material either on their device or on external drives/media, an investigation will be conducted by the school. Failure to surrender the device for inspection will be taken to the appropriate disciplinary level. If an investigation is necessary, then the device in question will be removed from the network until a resolution has been reached.
  • If found to be transmitting inappropriate material e.g. Malware or Viruses that could affect the School’s networks, the device will be removed from the wireless network while we carry out investigations, and the student (with support) will be required to fix the situation before re-connection.
  • Students and their parents are advised to have their devices insured, including for accidental damage cover.
Recommendations and requirements
Students have choice in their device, Wairarapa College recommends that the minimum requirements outlined below are met if a device is to be used in our environment. If a device does not meet these recommendations, there will be less support and they may not have access to all of the features and software required in their courses.

Recommendations include:

  • Device has a Full Operating System
    • Windows 7 or above
    • OS 10.10 or above

The Following operating systems may not have the same functionality of the recommendations above in some areas:

  • Apple iOS (Found on iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch)
  • Google Android
  • Chrome OS
  • Windows RT

A full operating system means that students can usually overcome most compatibility issues. This enables teachers to be able to plan their lessons with confidence knowing that the devices being used in their classrooms will support the applications and file formats that they are using. All students at Wairarapa College will qualify for a free copy of Microsoft Office 365 for the duration of their time at the college through the Microsoft Student Advantage programme.

Tablet and other Apple Devices
While they may not have the full functionality with the Microsoft 365 operating system yet, and may not suit our chosen operating system in the long term learning context, they have many short term uses that are valuable while we build towards the long term vision. So at this stage they are welcome if that is the only device students have, as they can assist learning in many contexts which will be identified by teachers.
Hardware advice
Wairarapa College is happy to give advice on devices that are suitable to the uses that the college will implement. If you have any questions in regards to our optional device policy or to find out whether your device meets our minimum specifications please email: [email protected]