November 10, 2017

Dear Parents and Guardians

Wairarapa College has been allocated a Year 10 Spirit Trophy Voyage on the Spirit of New Zealand for 2018.  This will allow 10 students and one teacher to experience a five day voyage out of Auckland in May 2018.  More information is available from:

The cost of the voyage will be finalised once students are selected and travel arrangements can be booked, but it is likely to be approximately $1200 per student. Applications are available from the office or click here and are due back by 1st December 2017.  There will be a selection process and you will be informed by the start of Term 1 2018 if your child is selected.  Please visit the website link below and discuss the cost of the trip and the activities involved, particularly water confidence and swimming requirements with your child before they submit their application.

Students who are in Year 11-13 can apply for the longer 10 day voyages directly from the Spirit of Adventure website:


Sue Thomson

TIC Spirit of Adventure