Knowing who the Chancellor of Germany is and recognising New Zealand features like glaciers and mountains from satellite images were just some of the answers that made a Wairarapa College Year 11 Geography quiz team
Seven teams of four representing Wairarapa College, Rathkeale College, St Matthew’s Collegiate and Kuranui College last week competed in a National Year 11 Geography quiz in the Wairarapa College hall. Wairarapa College’s team Pride Before Money, made up of Patrick Jolliffe, Jake Young, Sam Murray and Madi Castles, won with the highest overall score. Head of Geography Charmaine Nelson says the budding geographers competed in a number of rounds that tested their geographics skills and knowledge in a variety of challenging ways from identifying locations from satellite images to making 3D models of geographical features from Play Doh.
Rathkeale College placed 2nd and 3rd was a second Wairarapa College team. Pride Before Money’s overall score placed them third in the entire Wellington region.
The team agreed that some of the challenges were hard but had been quite happy with the answers they had put forward and thought they might be in the placings. Madi Castles says they were quite proud of their achievement and it was a great event to be a part of.